About BB Lighting

We are committed to delivering lighting solutions that drive sustainable growth and conserve natural resources, reducing emissions and protecting the environment.

Who We Are

Proudly based in Derbyshire, we are committed to providing UK manufactured LED lighting solutions for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and professional businesses. We aim to minimise our environmental impact across all aspects of our work.

Working closely with our LED component manufacturers has enabled us to forge ahead with innovative product development. Our UK manufacturing work is backed up by our extensive experience in producing energy efficient systems.

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What makes us different?

Our solution-focused approach to every project makes us different from other manufacturers. Our customers receive a tailor-made design based on their specific requirements. The building’s fixtures are considered to minimise installation requirements. Based on technical knowledge, we provide creative ideas using a wide range of our adaptable products to achieve the desired outcome.

Being a UK LED lighting manufacturer, based in Derbyshire, the communication between the production line and the customer is transparent. All products are created on-site to exact specifications. We provide everything needed for all LED lighting solutions. Our products can be adapted for different purposes and are responsive to the work environment. Using controls, perfect light levels can be achieved as and when they are needed, making the lighting system energy efficient and reducing costs.

We are responsive to our customers throughout the whole process. We can often turn around projects quickly when it is required. The team are on hand to provide real-time updates and communicate all aspects of the process. Once the products have been installed, we are keen to follow up on your experience, listen to your feedback and aim to continuously improve our service delivery.

Membership to well established organisations is fundamental to our quality control. Being audited and accredited enables us to monitor our process and reduce our environmental impact.

ISO 9001 Certification
ISO 14001 Certification
Made In Britain

We are committed to delivering lighting solutions that drive sustainable growth and conserve natural resources, reducing emissions and protecting the environment.