Lighting solutions for aggressive environments

The brief:

Casepak, the Leicester based recycling company, contacted us when the lights in their facility were starting to fail. They required an environmentally friendly LED lighting solution that would be robust enough to withstand the aggressive environment created by the appliances and processes within their building.

Their expansive work space covered over 140,000 sq ft and required light fixtures that not only provided ideal light levels but could also endure the vast quantities of tiny particles that were a natural by-product of the recycling process. Over time the previous lights had become covered in a thick layer of dust which had begun to affect their quality and function.

The solution:

We designed a solution that would resist the demanding environment by using fixtures with a smooth rear surface. No airborne particles were able to settle on any of the new units. This solution mitigated the increased thermal strain on each of the fixtures and prolonged the life of the product and system.

In addition, we provided increased light levels while reducing the number of fixtures installed. By using our fitting that has  L90 B10, the lumen depreciation was significantly reduced. The average life of the previous fixtures were 1.6 years and by installing our more efficient product, Casepak are now able to ‘fit and forget’ about maintaining the fittings for at least five years, if not longer.

The environment is specialised and required a unique approach to getting the desired outcome. The non-reflective floors, 24-hour work patterns and various areas of work which included moving vehicles tested our technical knowledge and yet resulted in us delivering another ideal solution. We replaced old, unsuitable fixtures with energy saving, low maintenance, long lasting LED units and provided a future-proofed system.


“BB Lighting were professional, innovative and really took the time to understand the needs of our business. The unique demands of our facility meant that an off-the-shelf solution was not suitable. BB Lighting understood this and provided a robust and low maintenance solution.”

Ben Grundy- Business Infrastructure Manager Casepak


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