Ideal LED Lighting solutions for distribution centres

The Nuvo range provides perfect light levels for aisle racking

The brief:

Due to recent company growth, a local logistics and transportation company expanded its distribution centre and increased their storage capacity by building a brand new 60,000 square feet warehouse. The company have been specialising in logistics and warehousing facilities for a wide range of customers for the last 70 years.

Their new warehouse required a unique lighting design that included 200 lux throughout the site. The 14 aisles inside the warehouse were 75 metres in length and 2.5 metres wide.

They requested a lighting solution that would provide ideal light levels along the floor and evenly across 15-metre-high racking so that items could be located quickly and reached by forklift truck drivers.

Being an environmentally focused company, they were keen to optimise light levels and reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

The solution:

Our new product, the ‘Nuvo’ was the ideal solution for the purpose-built distribution centre. Due to the long and narrow design of the light fixture, it distributes perfectly calculated light levels uniformly, complementing an aisle situation.  The fixtures also come with a range of optics so the direction of the beam can be widened or narrowed according to the dimensions of the area.

Read our news story about why we decided to create the Nuvo product range.

To optimise the system further the company installed an efficient control system that would lower the light levels when movement is not detected. Additional cost and environmental savings were also made.

We were delighted to launch our new product and pleased it is now providing an ideal lighting solution for the warehouse. The fixtures have been received well and are now a well-used item in our growing catalogue of products available.

Products used: Nuvo’s.

“We were thrilled to install the Nuvo light fixture in an expansive aisle environment. The range of optics that come with this product enabled accurate light placement and ideal light levels. We aim to manufacture our products to be efficient and energy saving. The product was well received by the company.”

Will Boam, Nuvo Product Developer and Managing Director of BB Lighting

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