H Young Transport

Reducing consumption for a 24/7 logistics company

The Brief

Haulage and logistics company H Young Transport asked us to refresh their dated lighting, focusing on improving the light levels and reducing both their maintenance and energy bills.

Their Burton site is comprised of a 30,000ft2 warehouse with an outdoor loading canopy area. The site is used around the clock and, because of the constant use, their current system incurred high energy bills and required a lot of maintenance.

After an extensive survey and discussion with the team at H Young Transport, we were able to propose a new lighting solution to improve the lighting on site whilst optimising the current fixture positions.

The Solution

Although their current lighting system was old and outdated, the location of the lights was perfect for the requirements of the site. We replaced all the warehouse fixtures with our Forza LED lights which are energy efficient and long lasting. The Forza is a robust product that will cope with the demands of a 24-hour distribution centre. The Forza transitions between open areas and wide aisles whilst maintaining consistent light levels throughout the site. The Forza has a micro-prismatic anti-glare defuser, in this environment it reduces the glare which protects the staff from eye strain.

The canopy lights were replaced with our Fuoco LED lights with external photocell detectors. The photocell detectors monitor the natural light and reacts when the external light levels drop below a commissioned level. Photocell detector is sensitive to seasonal light changes and will automatically adjust throughout the course of the year.

The Results

‘Will and the team really delivered on all our expectations. The solution BB Lighting provided was perfect and did not require extensive and intrusive changes to our system.’

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