Nuvo - Our New Linear Racking Fitting LED Lighting Fixture

At BB lighting we are on a mission to provide our customers with the best lighting solutions for their specific requirements, ensuring the perfect light quality and levels as well as being both economically and environmentally friendly.

Our new product, the Nuvo, is an innovative LED lighting fixture designed for all aisle and racking requirements. This adaptable fitting is available with a range of sensors, dimming, and optics making it your ideal solution for racking aisles within a logistical and distribution warehouse.

The Nuvo’s LED flexible design feature of this linear fixture is paramount, making it an ideal choice for customers. Our in-house manufacturing process is high-quality, and we have produced a product that is responsive to the needs of our customers.

Why we created it.

After completing extensive market research, we found that many racking aisles light units were merely illuminated the top of the aisles and not effectively lighting the required area. These products resulted in poor ununiformed light distribution, whilst wasting both energy and money. We developed a clear vision of requirements that would benefit our customers and set about creating a better product. We designed and developed a prototype. We then performance tested it to ensure that it would operate under required temperatures and environments.

We have designed an effective product that directs ideal light levels where it is required and uses controls to ensure maximum efficiency. The product was sent for compliance testing and verification by the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) for certification. The unit has since been installed in various warehouses, and the product has been successfully launched.

“Membership to well-established organisations is fundamental to our quality control. Being audited and accredited enables us to monitor our process and reduce our environmental impact.” 

Will Boam, Managing Director of BB Lighting

The product is an effective racking solution, that has now completed rigorous manufacturing and quality assurance process. As a UK manufacturer of bespoke LED products, we have both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification that maintains in-house quality and standardisation, ensuring we consistently deliver and guarantee our products.

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What does it do?

The Nuvo product has purposely been designed to be long and narrow to reduce the number of installation points needed. With easy installation, including plug and play, it is IP20 rated. The linear high output luminaire solution has three optics that direct light where required depending on the height and width of the aisles — guaranteeing high-performance light levels.

The angles of the light can be dispersed effectively for ranges from between 4m to 15 m high. The optics available are narrow, medium and wide this ensures items on the racking can be seen adequately and light is dispersed evenly.

What are the environmental benefits?

The Nuvo LED lighting fixture reduces the amount of energy and C02 consumption whilst providing more light. It enhances the quality of the light and ensures the correct lux levels for specific requirements. The controls and dimming capabilities of this product extend the life of the unit by being responsive and adequate when required and automatically switch to energy saving mode when not needed.

This LED lighting fixture will reduce your energy bills, and further savings can be enhanced through control applications. The quality of the product ensures its long life and the lighting design means that it will be the right product for the correct application.

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