Champagne all round

We celebrated our fifth birthday this September with a humungous cake and some bubbly.

Managing Director, Will Boam, started the business back in 2014 from his kitchen table. ‘I started my career as an electrical engineer and from there I took the leap to focus on designing and manufacturing LED lighting solutions here in the East Midlands.’
The company relocated to Matlock just nine short months after launching the business. From there the company has gone from strength to strength and we are proud to be considered as one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the East Midlands.

BB Lighting has now settled at Nix’s Hill in Alfreton and is driving expansion. Will Boam; ‘We have had a fantastic 5 years and I am keen to keep the momentum going. We have recently increased the marketing team and are looking to take on more staff in key areas to continue growing the business. We are passionate about working in Derbyshire and are dedicated to nurturing local talent.’