Zoe brings extra sparkle to the growing BB Lighting team

Our growing team

Zoe Hawley recently joined the team as a Key Accounts Manager. She tells us what her initial experiences of working a BB Lighting have been and what she brings, after 6 years of working in the lighting industry to BB Lighting. She explained that she is “very happy to be working for a business who are agile, responsive and always put their customers first”.

“Since working in the team the first thing that really stood out was the solution-focused approach that is applied to every client. Each bespoke design demonstrates technical knowledge within the team and ensures the customer receives the most appropriate solution based on their specific requirements.

Speed of service

BB Lightings speed of service is very fast. I have seen lighting design and product production be set in motion within a couple of days. Rapid turnaround of projects is possible, depending on the customer’s requirements. BB Lighting is responsive to the customer throughout the whole process.

The communication between the production line and the customers is transparent. Due to BB Lighting manufacturing their own products, on their own premises there is a clear route from production to the customer. There are no other parties involved. BB lighting provides everything needed for their customers lighting solutions.

Product development

BB Lighting pride themselves on the continuous development of their product ranges enabling them to offer more solutions for more environments. Adapting products to make them more efficient and relevant for specific purposes. Providing energy and cost savings.”

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Zoe explained how her role will add to the customer experience. “I am committed to providing a high level of consistent customer service. I am here to build upon customer relations with the new and established contracts. I aim to provide a seamless service to all our customers”.

Customer journey

Zoe walks us through what the customer journey usually looks like. “Firstly, the scoping of the job is established through a site survey. This includes assessing the current positions of existing light fixtures and considers efficient installation. Understanding the purpose of the lighting and the customer’s specific requirements is paramount. Some customers need areas lit for intricate work others require directed light for reduced periods. We offer automated control systems that enable customers to truly maximise their LED lighting system.

The best solutions are then drawn into a visually compelling design so the customer can experience the result as much as possible”. Zoe is on hand to offer further advise or answer any questions. A quotation is then raised and the work and timescales are agreed.

Transparent communication

Zoe liaises between the on-site, manufacturing team and the customers, providing real-time updates and communicating all aspects of the production as required. Once the products have been delivered, Zoe is keen to follow up on the customer’s experiences, listens to feedback and aims to capture as many testimonials and case studies as possible. All projects are reviewed as part of quality control and the team aims to continuously improve customer service in all areas.

Managing Director, Will Boam states, “We are delighted to welcome Zoe to the team. She brings a wealth of experience from within the lighting industry as well as a great energy and a friendly personality. The sign above Zoe’s desk states that by eating glitter for breakfast you will sparkle all day!”

Zoe concluded by saying that, “everyone on the team is very committed to delivering a great service and have all been very welcoming and friendly since I have joined the team”.


BB Lighting wants you to achieve lighting in your workplace which is ideal for your specific requirements. Through correct positioning of the right units calculated in the design coupled with easy to use controls that can be set and enable less need for recommissioning and a reduction in maintenance enables us to provide you with the complete package which significantly benefits the environment and your long-term spend.

BB Lighting design, manufacture and deliver a unique LED lighting system for your business that will save energy, reduce running costs and create a better working environment for your team.

To discuss your ideal lighting system requirements with Zoe or any other member of the team contact us