Why LED lighting units are only half the story

Environmental benefits of your LED lighting fixtures and controls

Benefits of LED’s

It is now universally recognised that swapping old bulbs for LED units has considerable ongoing environmental and financial savings for all businesses. However, we appreciate that deciding to upgrade the fixtures in your workspace is still a big one. LED lights are eco-friendly, toxic free and can be up to 80% more energy efficient than out-dated models. The benefits of LEDs vastly, out way any other options.

On average installing LED fixtures will save you 50% of your energy bill. They will significantly reduce your carbon emissions and are undoubtedly better for the environment. The ability to direct light to a specific location requiring less need for reflectors combined with a direct light source is what makes LED units unique. The extended life of an LED fixture is considerable compared to other products, significantly reducing maintenance work and lending itself to predictive maintenance. Our LED lights do not contain toxic chemicals and are 100 % recyclable.

Effective lighting systems

Replacing out-dated light fixtures is only half the story. Substantial further energy and financial savings can be made by installing the precise LED lighting control system. LED lights have been providing savings for many years now, but the real advancement in technology has been the increasing sophistication of control functionality enabling further adaptability and responsiveness.

Installing an effective control system will significantly cut costs further. Automated detectors can provide: light function, light level, specific zones and effectively utilise daylight harvesting to provide exact lighting requirements across your workplace. From wall-mounted control panels to sensors, network interfaces and integrated software programmes that can enable responsive lighting environments easily. Driving down wasted energy and enabling further environmental savings to be made.

“We will design the ideal lighting system for your work environment, ensuring perfectly placed units, lighting levels and ideal control units are implemented. We want to ensure you get the maximum benefits of an LED lighting system that you can rely on”.

Will Boam Managing Director- BB Lighting

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The primary function of an automated control system is to detect motion and activate accordingly. More advanced systems can commission the ideal lighting commonly known as lux. Calculations will be made for wide-ranging and intricate purposes across the commercial property. Specified lux levels will be achieved and consistently applied through direct dimmable detectors and daylight harvesting solutions. The system accurately detects the current light levels in the room supplied by natural daylight then provides the additional amount of light required from the LED units creating the perfect light levels for all working environments. The dimmable functionality of an LED light enables this level of responsiveness.

Enhancing work environments can be achieved further through the installation of human-centric lighting, utilising the spectrum of colours including red, green and blue to produce a white light that can be programmed to support worker’s circadian rhythm throughout the day, harmoniously balanced with natural daylight. The effects claim to increase motivation, improve well-being and influence an individual’s mood level. Improved productivity has been seen in established workspaces, and a decrease in staff sickness has been suggested.

Your workspace

We want you to achieve lighting in your workplace which is ideal for your specific requirements. Through correct positioning of the right units calculated in the design coupled with easy to use controls that can be set and enable less need for recommissioning and a reduction in maintenance enables us to provide you with the complete package which significantly benefits the environment and your long-term spend.

BB Lighting design, manufacture and deliver a unique LED lighting system for your business that will save energy, reduce running costs and create a better working environment for your team.

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