Low carbon businesses unite at the ‘Going Green’ event in Derby

The event

The low carbon business network, recently hosted a market place style event for local companies who are actively incorporating environmentally friendly practices into their business or who hope to soon. It was fantastic to see lots of familiar faces and meet new, like-minded people who are committed to making the East Midlands a greener place.

We have been part of the low carbon business network, based at the University of Derby, for the last 12 months. We are happy to support the excellent work the network does to connect businesses located in the D2N2 area who have an environmentally friendly offering to their products or services. The network has enabled us to make some great local contacts with other businesses some of whom we are now working with to develop our range of products further.

“It is great to have such a wide range of businesses within the network who are doing various things but who have similar environmental objectives.” Will Boam, Managing Director of BB Lighting.

Environmentally conscious

From the outset, we have put sustainability and the environment at the heart of our manufacturing processes. We source our materials locally, have effective policies and procedures and even recycle our customers’ previous fixtures, to name a few. The environmental accreditations that we are proud to have achieved include the ISO 14001 and provide us with robust standards that infiltrate all areas of our work.

We aim to reduce our customer’s energy usage up to 80% when switching to our low carbon energy efficient LED fixtures from traditional fluorescent systems. We also provide controls so that further savings, both economically and environmentally can be made providing customers with a complete energy saving system.

Throughout yesterday’s event, we met with interested individuals and discussed a range of lighting solutions that we have previously completed for our customers. We aim to provide the perfect system that meets all the requirements of the building.

Product demonstration

We demonstrated a sample of some of our manufactured, low energy products for people to see the quality and standards of our work. One of our most efficient products that generated interest was the Forza low bay, with its easy plug and play installation, being IP40 rated and performing best when mounted between 4m and 15m. Participants were surprised when they found out that it is a UK made product and delighted this type of manufacturing was occurring within their local area.

Participants at the event were keen to understand the cost of acquisition compared to the cost of ownership for a lighting system. At BB Lighting, we strive to provide the right lighting fixture for the right job and by doing so with a quality product; the life of the system will be lengthened. As standard, our products come with a warranty for five years and due to the environmental savings of the product will provide a swift return on investment depending on current usage.

Where to next?

We plan to continue our support for the low carbon business network and attend numerous events hosted by them throughout 2019 and beyond. The next headline event is the Sustainability Summit in March, hosted by the East Midlands Chamber at Eastwood Hall in Nottinghamshire. We will endeavour to keep up-to-date with low carbon initiates across the region and nationwide, as well as continuing to build our ever-expanding network of sustainability-minded contacts.

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