BB Lighting the benchmark of quality

We were recently audited by the international organisation of standardisation (ISO) and are delighted to announce that we acquired two renowned accreditations, a recognised benchmark of quality, validating our approach in how we deliver our service to our customers.

‘These accreditations are critical to our growing business, they provide a high-quality stamp of approval which validates the standard of work that the team and I consistency work hard to achieve” – Will Boam – Managing Director

Environmental accreditation
ISO 14001 certification

ISO 14001 validates us as a company that has an effective environmental system in place, underpinning environmental monitoring and maintenance that continuously improves our practice. The accreditation signifies assurance to our customers that we place a high value on reducing our environmental impact through our products, procedures and our actions.

Quality accreditation
ISO 9001

The 9001 accreditation ensures that we have a robust integrated management system in place and actively apply it across all elements of the business. The process has allowed us to map out an individual framework, that we follow, to ensure quality and consistency through all our products and in turn, deliver excellent customer experience.

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In addition to our accreditations, is our affiliation with the UK’s Lighting Industry Association (LIA). The LIA ensures that our products are validated and that our manufacturing process is compliant to UK standards.

“Being a UK manufacturer of LED lights our affiliation with the LIA inspires us to further develop our product range, customers can be assured that our units receive a UK safety stamp of approval” – Robin Barnett – Operations manager

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